At BMI ASIA, we offer strategic web solutions that are customized for our clients' specific marketing needs. As a value add, we will also incorporate digital and creative marketing components to lead the intended audience to the website that we created.

Our team of strategists, project managers, designers and programmers are committed to delivering optimal user-experience, assiduously thought through back-end management, and the required groundwork to future proof every type of website.

In addition to website development, we provide complementary services that enable our clients to get ahead in this Internet age. These include:

Email marketing - Our all-in-one solution is based on a proven methodology developed by our partner in the United Kingdom. It includes email campaign, database management, edm design and coding, email broadcast and comprehensive email campaign tracking.
Customized CMS solutions - For websites that require constant and regular updating, we can customize CMS solutions with all the necessary built-in menus and navigation. With a CMS site, our clients can easily maintain their own site, in their own time and at their convenience. It's also a cost-effective solution for the mid to long term.